Hurst & Rolfingsmeier Group has moved to to facilitate their expansion into Private Investigations, Private Security, Security Consulting, Security Systems, CCTV, Access Control Systems and Business Consulting.

With offices in Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Carbondale, Ilinois and the Saint Louis, Missouri area ( Fairview Heights, Ilinois ); Hurst & Rolfingsmeier Group is poised to service clients Nationwide.

A list of H&R Group's websites follow: or Http:// - The gateway to H&R's family of companies. - Website for Hurst & Rolfingsmeier, LLC. Security, Paralegal and Investigative Services with offices in Fairview Heights, IL, Jerseyville, IL, Springfield, IL and Carbondale, IL. or Http:// - Website for SecurTronic Services, LLC. Providing Communications, Saftey Systems, Security Systems, Access Control and Video Systems for Business and Residential applications with an office in Fairview Heights, IL, 6 miles from Belleville, IL and 12 miles from St. Louis, MO. or Http:// - Website for Hurst & Rolfingsmeier Services. Providing Security, Executive Protection, Private Investigators and Consulting Services with offices in St Louis, MO; Santa Monica, CA; Culver City, CA and Los Angeles, CA. or Http:// - Website for International and Business Consultants. International & Business Consultants (I&BC) provides assistance for businesses looking to expand into the International arena by training Management and Staff in foreign business ethics, procedure and culture. I&BC, through H&R is also available to train Expatriates in personal safety and cultural assimilation.

Our Private Detectives, Consultants, Executive Protection Personnel, Technicians, Management and all other staff are trained, experienced and licensed in their respective fields and jurisdiction. Please view individual websites for full license disclosure.