Unique Concrete Projects For Your Home

You already know concrete is a fantastic material for your construction. Maybe you’ve even used it in one part of your house or another. But do you know you can use it for more fun purposes than that? Take a look at the fantastic things you can do with concrete.

Vase: yes, you can use concrete for building a flower vase, and if you’re worried about the chemicals in the concrete affecting the plants, you can insert a test tube between the concrete. It’s unique, original, and brilliant.

Stool: you can build a concrete stool with as little as $5. Just find the right structure for your stool seat and a dowel for the legs. You can have the stool in any shape you want and can make multiple from just one bag of concrete.

Lamp holder: you can create a fantastic and solid lamp holder with concrete. Use wood to make a framework for the holder and pour concrete into it. Once solidified, remove the wood and get whichever type of lamp you want to fix into it. It can come in all shapes and sizes.

Cake stand: mold a concrete cake stand from concrete using any of your regular kitchen pans or pot. It is very functional, and you can do it with leftover concrete after a house project.

Bowl: have you ever considered how a concrete bowl would look. Why not give it a try. It is one of the many things you can make from one bag of concrete, and it is very functional around the house. And speaking of bowls, you can also create fire bowls.

Bracelet: yes, you read that right. People actually use concrete to make jewelry too. You can mold the bracelet in a bangle shape, and after it dries, paint it in the colors you prefer. It can be a great accessory for you, and it’s equally a good gift. Don’t worry; it’s quite light.

Monogram shapes and letters: make different letters, numbers, and shapes out of concretes. You can use cardboard to mold the shape and pour concrete into it. These concrete monograms can be used for house numbers and other stuff.

Clock: nothing tells the time like a concrete clock. Mold in any shape and use the parts of your broken clocks to create something new and fabulous.

Concrete Desktop: In the same way you can have a concrete countertop and use it for your stool seat. You can make a desktop and attach it to the base of a standard desk with wooden or metal legs.

Hand planter: this is something unique for your garden. You can buy or make them yourself. If you chose the latter, just fill the inside of plastic gloves with concrete and remove the glove once it dries. There you have a hand planter for your plants and succulents.

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